Wednesday, 20 June 2018

CONIFA World Cup 2018

Saturday 2nd June:

#79 Queen Elizabeth II Stadium, Enfield Town
Abkhazia 0 Kárpátalja 2

#80 Coles Park, Haringey Borough 
Padania 8 (eight) Tuvalu 0

Sunday 3rd June:

#81 Larges Lane, Bracknell Town
Kárpátalja 5 Tibet 1

#82 Arbour Park, Slough Town
Panjab 1 United Koreans in Japan 1

Just over two weeks ago, myself and my tame Yorkshireman Daz Knapton enjoyed a veritable feast of unlikely football in the form of the CONIFA World Cup, which took place in various grounds in and around London. Because this involved such a quick succession of new ticks, I decided to not bother writing an entry for each and instead use this opportunity to jump on the football podcast bandwagon.

Join us, gentle reader, for some unscripted, unrehearsed, authentic frontier gibberish in the first of an ongoing series of vaguely football-related conversations with your groundhopping heroes (us).

Also pictures:    

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